Remedy Bliss

Adelaide’s pioneer of raw food and fermented food

After studying the practice of raw food and fermented food preparation in Arizona, USA in 2007, Remedy came back to hometown Adelaide excited and ready to share this knowledge with as many people as possible.

For Remedy, food and its preparation must be simple and accessible. It must stand the test of time, it must cross generations and backgrounds, it must be of value to the planet.

How to prepare raw and fermented foods — made easy

Allow Remedy to introduce you to the restorative, energising, healing benefits of cultured foods made easily at home. Exquisite foods that have the ability to reboot your immune system and to totally repair gut health.

Remedy’s passion is sharing her knowledge in her common sense, practical and totally unique style. She loves shedding light on the ancient practice of fermentation through through her presentations & her very popular RAW & FERMENTED FOOD CLASSES

  • CLASSES; interactive, informative, delicious & fun
  • PRESENTATIONS/ DEMONSTRATIONS;  for your organisation, business, event, festival, employees, members etc.

Find out more about raw and fermented food

If you want to learn how to prepare raw food and fermented food for your family or you would like Remedy to present at your next event, please contact us


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