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A simple start to life in country Victoria

I grew up in a small country Victorian town, the eldest of six kids. Life was pretty simple. Lighting the donkey heater for our hot water, using a tomahawk to cut kindling at the age of 6, and clip clopping through the streets of Warracknabeal by horse and cart at 4.30am delivering milk  bottles with dad are all strong childhood memories.

Foraging was a normal part of everyday life

In summer, we would head off in Dad's old relic searching for that perfect dam to catch a feed of yabbies. Dad also caught rabbits, pigeons & fish... although I was always on the look out for any fruit tree adorned with brightly coloured gifts ready for the picking.

From food as filler to food as fuel

During my late teens & early 20's, I suffered from severe depression, anxiety and as a consequence, weight gain. However when I started to find where my passions lay, opportunities opened up for me and I just took one step after the other. Where food was once a 'filler' for me, I began to see food as a fuel.

Became vegetarian, studied naturopathy

Becoming a vegetarian at the age of 15 was a massive turning point in my life. Was very much an emotive, compassionate choice. I really had very little idea at that point exactly what choosing to be vego meant, except that I knew I didn't want to be part of the cruelty incarcerated animals endured throughout their short lives. I see immense beauty and power in nature, feel very much connected and part of her rhythm and take time to connect every day. It's important for me to find that place in nature, that balance. At 19, I wanted to learn more about the body's innate wisdom, and embarked on several years of Naturopathic Study in Adelaide at the COLLEGE OF BOTANIC MEDICINE & NATURAL THERAPIES

Many wonderful and inspiring teachers

Over the next 20 years, my journey continued. Along the way I had the great fortune of meeting & learning from some amazing and inspiring teachers;

  • BEV LANE, my Herb lecturer & wild weed teacher
  • CLARE, visionary & owner of Clearlight Cafe in Rundle Street, Adelaide
  • Russell Jeavons, chef and creator of Russell's Woodoven Pizza, Willunga
  • John Downes, Natural Tucker Bakery and a world leading Sourdough Master
  • Bill Mollisson and David Holmgren, Permaculture Design Course, Lismore
  • Dr John Fielder, Atherton Tablelands, 45 years on a 100% raw food diet
  • ANAND WELLS, creator of one of Australia's first raw food websites, grounding technology
  • TREE OF LIFE REJUVENATION CENTRE, the living cafe's chefs  & of course Dr. Gabriel Cousens
  • DONNA GATES; Body Ecology Level 1 training
  • MARIA HUNT: Your Digestion

Adelaide's first raw food workshop

2006 was when I met Anand Wells, creator of one of Australia's first raw food websites and a important part of the raw food movement in Australia. I invited Anand and Runi to Adelaide to run Adelaide's first Raw Food Workshop, which blew everyone's mind. When I told Anand, 'This is what I want to do!' he had a suggestion.

The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Centre in Arizona

So, my 7 year old daughter, Sienna and I flew to the other side of the world and spent 3 months living in Patagonia, Arizona. Whilst she attended the little Montessori school, I rode up on my bicycle to The Tree every day and did a 3 month apprenticeship with the most amazing and talented raw food chefs. I was one of a group of approx. 15 raw food enthusiasts from all round the world, working incredibly hard and learning so much.

Hence the beginning of raw food classes in Adelaide

I just had to share the knowledge and skills I'd picked up from such a unique, remarkable and rewarding experience. My aim was to come home and literally 'activate' Adelaide by providing the most bio-available nutrition and information possible.Since my first raw food class in 2008, I've taught 1000s of people - through my Raw/Living Classes, Raw Film Nights, Presentations and Raw Events. Hosting such people as David Wolfe (arguably the world's most famous raw foodie), Matt and Angela Stokes (owners of the largest online raw website in the world), Victoria Boutenko (founder of Green Smoothies), Sergei Boutenko (wild edibles and raw foodist), Paul Nisson (raw foodist), Maria Hunt (gut health specialist), Anand Wells (grounding technology) and the list goes on.

Much more than just raw recipes or fermented foods

My classes stimulate conversation and create many lightbulb moments for folks who attend. We delve into the very essence of our eating, our consumerism and what that means on a much higher level.Choices connect us or disconnect us. Every time we choose food based on nourishment, we not only nourish ourselves but everything connected to us. It is one of the most powerful things each of us can do. I cannot wait to share this incredible world of raw food and/or fermented food with you at a class or event soon.


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