Adelaide RAW FOOD Staples Class, Part 1


10:00 am - 3:30 am


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You are going to love this class, this is RAW FOOD FOUNDATION EDUCATION. Food that is unbelievably nourishing, tastes amazing AND gives you shelf or fridge life....CONVENIENCE that is good for you :-) Part 1 & 2 are all about "THE BASICS", food which fill your pantry & fridge & offer you a whole lot of variety. I am confident these recipes will end up becoming a permanent fixture & faves in your food family life. PART 1 covers the following: FOUNDATION PRINCIPLES for achieving RAW STAPLES which include ACTIVATION & DEHYDRATION NUT/SEED MYLK MAKING (demonstrate several approaches) Remedy's famous BUCKWHEAT GRANOLA, CHIA PARFAIT & how to make a simple gel (it's all about ratio's) Remedy's famous STOCK POWDER, RAW CACAO TRUFFLES. Class includes RAW BREAKFAST, LUNCH & SWEET TREAT with additional taste tests throughout the day :-)