MASTERCLASS in Fermentation, Part 1


10:30 am - 3:30 am


Bookings available


PRE-REQUISITE for this class; must already be practicing fermenting at home, eg Cultured veggies, Kefir etc Are you ready for more PROBIOTIC GOODNESS?? In our Master Class series we take you straight into recipes & ideas which expand your current fermented food repertoire. How about a Paté or a sip of Beet Kvass or a slice of the most divine VEGAN cheeze. This & much more is ahead in our MASTER CLASS series. In CLASS 1: our day begins with a demo & sample of Fermented Quinoa Mylk served with a slice of Raw, Vegan Snickers bar (which has a fermented Chocolate layer) then we dive in to the wonderful world of Lacto-Fermented Vegan cheeze. 2 styles of vegan cheeze; a soft spreadable fermented cheeze & a 'rinded' firm cheeze plus a divine Spicy Lacto-fermented Salsa. FERMENTED FOOD LUNCH PROVIDED as well as taste tests.