Adelaide Coconut KEFIR & Coconut YOGHURT Class


11:00 am - 3:00 pm


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Coconut KEFIR is quite simply FERMENTED COCONUT WATER. We use different strains of friendly yeasts & bacteria to ferment this beverage.....which adds further diversity to your gut health. (often referred to as our 'gut garden') It is so incredibly delicious & even for those who are concerned about the taste of will be relieved to know in all of the 1000's of people I have taught there has not been one who wasn't able to find a flavour they enjoyed. Whether it was plain, ginger, turmeric or passionfruit etc etc. Remember once the coconut water has been fermented there is no sugar left. The flavour is there, with a slight tang but no sugar!! COCONUT KEFIR is without doubt the easiest & quickest ferment to make, so a terrific place to begin your fermenting adventures. You have the option of using fresh coconuts (which takes a little more time) or carton coconut water. (for the most convenience) During the class we cover both options and taste both options. As well as that we also run through COCONUT YOGHURT & the tips & tricks to ensure a silky smooth texture.....oh & did I mention the stunning flavour & tang!!