Hi Remedy, I just wanted to say thanks so much for making the step by step fermented food so accessible & simple to follow. I love my new fermented veg & I'm sure my body is too!!! THANK YOU

Jasmine Lee Lewis

HI LOVE, JUST A QUICKIE. SENDING THESE FEW THROUGH TO YOU. HOPING TO LOCATE SOME MORE SOON. I KNOW I NEED TO GET SOME MORE INFO. TO YOU SO WILL DO THAT NEXT.......SEND THROUGH IN A SEPARATE EMAIL. TALK SOON DARLING, REM  Everyone is really excited to make some fermented veggies!! One lady is going to bring hers in to share tomorrow at work. You definitely inspired a lot of people!!

Jess Mitchell

Environmental Planning & Engagement Officer | City of Marion

The one thing to bring with you to any of Remedy’ classes are your tastebuds ready for a treat ~! Remedy is one of the most magnetic, clear, loving and vibrant teachers I have ever met. She always draws the largest audiences when she is a guest speaker at my talks. Remedy presents this area of nutritious, whole, healing food with expert knowledge, fun and pizzazz and shows how easy, pleasurable and delicious this approach is for our health and well being.

Julie Way Author

Speaker and Therapist in Spiritual and Emotional Health

Hi Remedy Just a quick note to thank you again for the class yesterday. It was so much more than I ever expected. I had heard that fermenting was good for you but I had no idea how good it would be - and unbelievably delicious to boot. I am totally converted, the only down side is that I have to wait to get my bottling done and then for it to ferment. I am definitely treating myself to your Raw Food workshop on 28th June so can you please book me in for that? Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Love and thanks


Hi Remedy, I would first of all like to say thank you so much for the wonderful and very interesting classes you have taught at Cosmic yoga, I have thoroughly enjoyed them and have had fun making all the delicious and healthy recipes. I would also like to let you know that I'm interested in coming along to the Raw icecream class and look forward to receiving more info about it. It was a delight meeting you and being apart of your awesome classes. Looking forward to seeing you again ;)


Hi Remedy Just a quick note to thank you most sincerely for making time to come in and share your extensive knowledge with some of Council's employees. It now has staff talking about it and there have been numerous other persons who did not attend talking about the green smoothies and showing an interest on what they missed out on. Guess what I have came in today and the fridge has quite a few bottles of green smoothies. I am so thrilled that this is happening and staff have really taken note of what was said yesterday. Thank you again. Keep safe, healthy, happy and go raw - we love you.

Yvonne XX

Dear Remedy, Thank you for your email. I have been thinking if you often since the class. The class was amazing and I must say I took more away fro. It than just food. It was the genuine sense of warmth and giving that touched me on another level. Thank you and thanks to Annie for her guidance that lead me to be there that day. Since the class I have borrowed my sisters dehydrator, ( I see what you mean about the round ones), and have been using it regularly. I have been activating nuts, making granola,(a huge hit), avocado mousse, warming mushrooms and cauliflower steaks. YUM! I have been bringing dried granola in to work and telling people all about the amazing raw staples class I partook in and particularly the vibrant remedy bliss who hosted the class. A couple of work colleagues have enquired about attending one of your raw staples class as a team building exercise? They are a small financial planing team of three. I will pass on your details this morning to Tanya, Felicity and Kon and they will contact you directly. All from sharing granola and a chat in the lunch room :) Thank you again for your openess, passion and vibrancy that was so infectious. With much gratitude

Verity Jaensch

Hi Remedy, Your class was fantastic. My Mum and I thoroughly enjoyed it! You are a wealth of information!!!!!!. I could talk for hours with you re gut microbiome and health!!!! Please keep us posted on any other future courses you have, however I will also be checking on facebook. By the way do you have the recipes for the crackers you are able to share, or is this another course?. They were delicious. I would love to make a big batch of them and snack on them when peckish. Anyway must fly. Take care


Hello Remedy, I've been meaning to write since the class to thank you for the passion, clarity and information you brought to the class.


Remedy, thank you sooo much. Not just for the recipes, which I think will change my life, but for the inspiration you provide - everything that comes out of your mouth is either a) incredibly interesting or b) hilarious! Ps. My babies are fermenting as we speak Thank you again.

Joanne Vomiero

In This Life

A couple of months ago I attended Remedy's fermented veggies workshop. She gave me a lot of information, not just on how to make fermented veggies but on gut health in general. I came away wondering if I would really notice any difference to my body. NOTICE I DID! I followed her recipe and used the BodyEcology culture starter and started fermenting. After about 7 days I started eating the veggies before lunch and dinner and after one week started to realise that I was going through the day without any pains in my stomach. I have suffered with a gluten intolerance for over 10 years and have eliminated many foods from my diet but often still had pains in my stomach and could not work out the reason. I have now been eating the fermented veggies for a couple of months and feel great! Thank you Remedy for continuing to research and for passing your abundance of knowledge on to others

Carmen Moyse

Hi Remedy, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with us last Wednesday night at Common Thread! We (City of Marion and the community) really appreciate that you would give your time so that we could learn more about fermenting foods and their amazing health benefits. You're a dynamic and engaging presenter that put a spell on all of us :-) We loved your humour and the way you could convey complex stuff simply and practically. It was a fabulous evening and I'm not alone in saying that! Of the 20 feedback forms we received 18 indicated they 'loved it' (which is the top response they can give!) Some comments about what they liked about the night were: - maximum enthusiasm! - got me interested in trying some fermented foods - Remedy is amazing, pure bliss! - awesome presenter - Remedy! - Informative and interesting - being able to go home and know where to start with fermenting. Getting to taste what it should taste like - reminder regarding responsibility for own health - informative, energetic, fun Again a huge thankyou!!



THANK YOU- you did an amazing job and gave so much – it felt like a multi week course packed into one day. It really was very special indeed I will absolutely recommend to friends.

Fiona Caulfield

Prior to meeting Remedy I had already been vegan for about 20 years but always felt heavy after eating cooked food and knew I wasn’t getting enough living food into my body. When I heard about Remedy’s raw food class I knew it was just what I needed. I went into the class focussed only on health benefits but quickly realised “this is also going to be pleasurable and fun”. Remedy was full of life, very entertaining and inspiring. Throughout the class there were tasting samples followed by a proper meal. I’m 6’7” tall, 125kg and can easily eat TWO family size vegan pizzas by myself when I’m hungry. With Remedy’s raw food however I didn’t need to munch through mountains of food to feel satisfied. That first class introduced me to how pleasure-filled raw food could be and at the end of it - no heavy feeling, just energy. That was 5 years ago. What Remedy taught me has stuck - I’ve stayed on a mostly raw diet ever since and will never turn back. Remedy continues to be an inspiring source of new information that keeps me motivated and equipped to make ongoing improvements to my diet. Thanks Rem - your influence has been life changing :)

Dan Schulz

Hemp Foods Australia Pty Ltd Elixinol LLC